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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 7, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news -- this is the 10:00 p.m. news on ktvu channel 2 news.
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>> uncertainty tonight as the future of same-sex marriage goes back to court. i am gasia mikaelian. >> i am ken wayne. frank and julie are off tonight. the debate over same-sex marriage in california is now headed to the highest court. the u.s. supreme court said it will take up the issue deciding the legality of california's ban on same-sex marriage. it was approved in 2008 but lower courts ruled it was unconstitutional. we have team coverage. ktvu's eric rasmussen on how the supreme court is at a historic cross roads. but we begin in san francisco, today's decision leaves many people with mixed decisions. >> reporter: i talked with dozen of people tonight and there was a huge range of emotions, excitement, concern
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and also some confusion. >> reporter: holiday lights lights and friday night crowds but ask people on the street and many are away that today's decision could change lives and history. >> great idea. we need decide. so this is a great idea. >> matter of basic rights. >> reporter: today's decision means that same-sex couples in couple must put marriage plans on hold again. they plan to marry next fall in new york. >> we would have been exchanging vows and celebrating our love and commitment next week but with this decision it is bittersweet. >> reporter: at last the court will address the issue but the outcome might go against gay
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marriage. >> >> reporter: he has been fighting fighting fighting for -- gay marriage since 2004 and he supported a berkeley couple who launched the prop 8 challenge. >> we will be on the right side of history. >> reporter: they do feel momentum from the november elections. >> three states legalized same- sex marriage. so the tied is shifting. >> i want it to be tackled. i want to be married in any state. >> reporter: so for now it leaves same-sex couples in legal embow. ktvu channel 2 news. >> now to ktvu's eric rasmussen on the case before the court and how it could come down to one vote. >> reporter: and the supreme court could rule in a way that limits its decision to
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california, banning gay marriage or allowing it, which is what they did a year ago when they struck down proper 8 but they could also rule in a more sweeping way, making a declarations, still a political hot potato here in california. >> reporter: in oakland governor jerry brown didn't want to talk about gay marriage going to the supreme court. >> reporter: do you think it is a good thing? >> i think it is good you are inquiring about it. the arguments have to be made. >> tremendous momentum. >> reporter: in san francisco he had plenty to say. as mayor in 2004 he declared gay marriage legal and conducted same-sex marriage weddings. now he thinks the justice could be the one who decides the issue for california and the
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nation once and for all. >> he has been the principal player on advancing the rights of folks whose rights were taken away. >> reporter: many agree and believe the supreme court is set up for a 5-4 decision with kennedy casting the deciding vote. one things roberts could also be in play as a swing vote. >> she from a different generation. he worked with talented gay lawyers his entire career. this is his moment to be in history. >> reporter: they are expected to hear arguments in march and issue decisions by june. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. >> opponents of same-sex marriage are pleased the supreme court will decide prop 8. he believes they will decide in its favor. >> we are confident that the
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supreme court is going to uphold the right of the people to amend their constitutional. >> 7 million californians voted for proper 8 and the court shouldn't say their vote doesn't count. we met a couple in san francisco who have been waiting for the supreme court ruling. tom and jeff had a commitment ceremony three years ago but want a real marriage. they are hoping for a decision that allows that for them and other gay couples. >> there is a chance for a greater resolution, the supreme court could recognize marriage is a right for all americans, not just for californians. >> they will be checking the supreme court website for news. the united states is divided when it comes to same-
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sex marriage. it is legal or about to become legal in 9 states. we highlighted the states here in clean. maine -- green, maine, may remind and washington approved it last month. this map, there are 30 states where same-sex marriages are specifically banned. and we highlighted those in red. the states include, north carolina, which is the most recent state where people voted to ban same-sex marriage. that leaves 11 states in the yellio, in the mid-- yellow, in the middle, that includes, california. >> as the case proceeds, stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we will bring you developments as they happen. tonight at 10:30 p.m., the challenge to the defense of
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marriage act. and the couple that took their fight to marry to california supreme court, they are surprised by today's decision. the developing news of a homicide in oakland tonight. police responded to a shooting inside a home. police say a woman was shot and killed in what may be a domestic violence incident. they say there were children inside the home and the children are physically okay. later a man called police identifying himself and they picked him up. a woman and a boy killed today in a collision in calm calm. the -- in contra costa county. a car crashed head on into a big rig truck on the road. the chp said the truck driver saw the accident development. >> he noticed the car, started swerving back and force and came across the line and hit
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the front of his truck head on. >> the drive of the car died. the boy died at the scene. still buckled in to the back seat. the police are looking for a special needs teen who walked away from her home. -- from her home. she disappeared about 2:00 a.m. she is 5 feet 4 inches tall, 174 pounds. she may be heading to modesto or richmond. jacoby miles is feel -- john mcafee is feeling better but under arrest in guatemala. she on the run from -- he is on the run from belize.
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a car company that promised to sell cars for a fee is missing in action. the cars are gone. ktvu's cara liu reports car owners are worried. >> reporter: he fears he is out of luck after trusting sunnyvale motocars to sell his car. >> i am embarrassed that i allowed myself to get contact up in this. >> reporter: he was contacted by the company after trying to sell the car on his own. >> they were diceanced with the dm -- licensed with the dmv. bonded. >> reporter: after getting a check for $28,000 when the car sold the check bounced. >> then they came up with another excuse and another one. >> reporter: when we went to sunnyvale motocars we found the lot empty, the office vacant, just keys hanging on a board inside. >> what happened between friday
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and monday, they closed up their shop and took all the vehicles and disappeared. leaves me without a car. leaves me without my money. very little recourse. >> reporter: he isn't the only victim. the owner next door talked to 20 customers this week. >> lady asked about her car. we told her they happen gone she started crying. >> horrible. >> reporter: i talked to police this afternoon, this is a complex case because it deals with contracts between parties. they are considering this a fraud investigation and trying to local the owners of sunnyvale motocars. police heard from 20 victims who are out thousands of dollars. cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. the november jobs report is out and it beat expectations. it shows the economy added
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146,000 jobs. many predicted fewer than 100,000 jobs. the unemployment rate fell to a four year low, 7.7%. that is down from 7.9% in october. the news on jobs drove up the dow today, the dow is up 81 to 13,155. the nasdaq is down 11 at 2,978. concerns about apple's future were blamed. >> how the tech industry is helping local businesses expand. >> temperatures in the mid-40s tomorrow. the changing conditions you can expect. >> and a string of attacks on women in a bay area city. >> people should be aware. >> the clue that could lead to the suspect. ♪
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because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans,
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memories are made with ikea. a skateboarder died after being struck by a vehicle. it happened at 4:30 p.m. police say the skateboarder a 41-year-old was -- 21-year-old was in a cross walk when he was struck. police are warning women to be on alert as they search for a man responsible for raping two women and attempting to assault a third. ktvu's amber lee asked police why it took them months to alert the public.
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>> reporter: we are on 23 street where the attacks took place. the owner of this business asked us for this flier so she could make copies to alert the neighborhood. >> reporter: she run as money transfer business. they are posting flyers, the sketches of the attacker letting others know a criminal is on the loose. >> it freaks me out. we have single women out here and with their kids. people should be aware of that. >> reporter: the attacks took place after dark between 5:00 p.m. and midnight and one-man is responsible for -- one man is responsible for all three incidents. the first was in june. the victim was forced into a car and raped. on november 20, the suspect attempted an attack but the victim escaped but he tried again the next night and forced the woman into the car and
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raped her. we asked why the public wasn't alerted earlier since the first attack took place six months ago. >> it wasn't immediately linked. once we got the information they started talking about what was going on. >> reporter: police linked the attack to one suspect and released these two sketches. he appears to have grown his hair. 30-40 years old. 5'7", medium build, wearing a gold chain with a gold cross. >> very scary. >> reporter: police say the man used a white four door sedan. they are asking women not to walk alone at night and be aware of their surroundings. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. the couple accused of
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stabbing a school teacher pleaded not guilty today. police say darnell washington and tania lejeune washington killed susie ko in her house during a robbery in october. the couple's crimes ended in seattle when they rammed a police car with susie ko's suv. f san jose police say they have arrested a woman for the gang related killing of a teen. police do not believe she acted alone. on november 30 he was found shot and died later. police are searching for other suspects. potential home buyers will have the chance to take advantage of a pot of money. it is part of a settlement over
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fair lending claims. the program is called city lift. it applies to nine east bay cities. >> we will provide $20,000 grands, 0% rate as long as they stay in the home 5 years, that $20,000 is forgiven. >> i couldn't afford that much so now i am excited. >> one of the restrictions, you must purchase within 60 days. it runs tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. bay area may have a secret weapon when it comes to employment. ktvu's matt keller tells us a report shows high tech workers have a ripple effect on the local economy. >> reporter: lunchtime in north san jose can sometimes look like a race to east with hungry workers bringing their www.s.
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>> weservethem--theirwallets. >> weservethem. givethemabig-- >> reporter: their wallets. >> we serve them. give them a big bag. >> anywhere you see concentration of high tech workers you will see various other services pop up, restaurants, coffee shops. and hair cutting salons and various other services that workers demand. >> reporter: services like dental care. perfect smile expanded into this office in north san jose and hired 10 new employees because of demand. >> we had new patients come in and our practice is growing because of the industry. >> reporter: they lead with 20% of the workers in the high tech
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industry. >> since i am younger i am a engineer, i spend a lot of my money. >> reporter: the bay area counsel projects the demand will be stronger compared to other industries pthe next 8 years am -- the next 8 years. matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. california missed its november revenue projections by millions because of facebook. it was off by $800 million. one reason was the projected tax proceeds from facebook stock sales came in november, not october. and there were more corporate refunds than forecast. and our dry weather continues but temperatures have been dropping off over the past few hours. 30s showing up. right now 39 in santa rosa.
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53 in san francisco. hayward 48 degrees. first thing tomorrow morning, saturday, bundle up. coolest locations will be in the low to mid-30s. santa rosa watch out for dense fog. quarter mile visibility right now. we could have dense fog in the inland valleys to start out saturday. 30s and 40s. into the afternoon, by 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., upper 50s to low 60s out there. coming up, how much more warming you can expect for sunday and when showers return in the five-day forecast. plans to dispose of a while that washed ashore in malibu. it has been on the beach since sunday. they are all consolidating resources to remove it. they plan to take care of it as soon as low tied begins next week.
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the latest trouble facing cat williams after a chase in sacramento. >> this feels good. i think we are there. >> he lived with the pains for year. the special program that has a bay area woman walking again tonight. good morning! wow.
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we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business. an arrest warrant is out for cat williams. they issued the warrant yesterday in connection with a pursuit last month. california highway patrol says he led them on a chase after he was driving a motorcycle on a sidewalk in downtown sacramento. officers say he nearly hit 5 people during the pursuit. it came days after he was questioned in oakland for hitting a man with a bottle. police closed their investigation into a fall at the oakland coliseum last night that raiders game calling it a
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medical incident. a man who was around 18 years old toppled over the railing, falling 30 feet. some say the man was sitting on the railings and lost his balance. he is still at the hospital. christmas is coming early for a man and a woman. today they have been given the 50 of mobility. ktvu's julie haener shows us it is part of a special program designed to help people live life without pain. >> kind of don't believe it will happen even though i am here. been such a long haul. >> reporter: she has been living with constant pain for 7 years since her hip started to wear out. but today her life is about to change as she is wheeled into
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the or. >> not worried. >> reporter: a surgical team joined surgeons across the country to take part in operation walk u.s.a. >> she has a lot of arthritis. no cartilage left on the head. she is a perfect candidate for this. >> the program started two years ago in the united states when hospitals across the country began volunteering time to do hip and knee replacement people who don't have health insurance -- health insurance. we met her three weeks ago when she could barely move. but now she is having her hip replaced for free and she is not the only one. >> i am happy. i don't know that i absorbed it all yet. it is going to change my life.
10:27 pm
i am so grateful for it. >> reporter: he is about to receive a knew right knee. he has been living with pain for the past 10 years and when he lost his job he also lost his health insurance. he says his daughter heard about operation walk u.s.a. and immediately signed him up. >> feel real fortunate to be here. excited. great. >> beautiful. perfect. perfect. >> reporter: she says each case went well, lasting 45 minutes. having the chance to restore mobility and helping people live without pain is what this program is all about. >> amazing. doesn't hurt. >> reporter: she proved it can change lives. she tries to take her first steps 8 hours after surgery.
10:28 pm
operation walk organizers say 109 surgeons provided free joint replacements to 200 patients in 29 states and he says they are working to expand the program next year to help more people in need. julie haener, ktvu channel 2 news. tragic turn. the fall out from the prank phone call made to the hospital where kate middleton was being treated this week. >> the return of the holiday party, they are preparing for a record december.
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today's decision by the u.s. supreme court to take up same-sex marriage. the court agreed to hear a
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challenge to the defense of marriage act. a provision limits the range of health, pension and tax benefits. the acts was passed in 1996 and signed into law by former president bill clinton. they were plaintiffs in the 2008 lawsuit that claimed california's ban on same-sex marriage violated the state's constitution. >> love knows no difference. and so when a human loves another human being they should have that right and that freedom to marry. >> they have been together for 25 years. more coverage of the decision, including an interview with gavin newsom, go to new at 10:00 p.m., a new way to gauge the economy during the holidays. ktvu's maureen naylor is live
10:32 pm
where the company christmas party moved out of the lunch room. >> reporter: tonight several venues tell us the holiday party is making a come back. >> reporter: bartenders uncorked the wine where a start up hosted a christmas party for employees. >> everybody is hands on. nice to be able to dress up and get yourself in a good mood. >> mood reflected in the party planning business. 83% of companies plan to host a holiday party this year. up from 68% last year. still below 2007 when 90% was hosting. >> we saw a come back. 2011 was better. this year we are 30% above last year. >> reporter: at the fairmont
10:33 pm
hotel in downtown san jose, a party of 600. in the next ball room another company's party includes a photo booth, casino and dj. >> it is coming back. >> reporter: what names? >> i can't share those. >> reporter: linked in? >> no comments. >> the museum charges $15,000 for rental space and saying parties are up 30% from last year. >> they were doing smaller, weren't hiring bands and doing extras. they were doing the basics. >> reporter: now? >> now they are adding a lot more. >> reporter: some companies are still cutting back by having the party at the office. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. happening now, all cable car service in san francisco has been shut down.
10:34 pm
they were brought down at 8:00 p.m. tonight. officials sell us an a-- tell us an alarm went off prompting them to shut down. it should be back up and running tomorrow morning. leaders are considering lowering fees for taxi medallions to $510. they say the current fees are too high. >> reporter: two bay area military groups are being celebrated for their strong partnership. [ music playing ] >> an award ceremony was held today for the bay area coast guard and the oakland military institute. they were recognized by the coast guard for their collaboration and strong relationship of mentoring, education and positive interaction. governor jerry brown was also at the event. a nurse duped by a prank call made to the hospital where
10:35 pm
kate middleton was treated was found dead this morning in london. she was found dead near king edward vii hospital. police are calling the death unexplained. two disk jockeys called and asked to be put through to the ward. >> she was recently the victim of a hoax call. the hospital had been supporting her. >> the station and the disk jockeys are facing a back lash. their website and facebook pages are filled with angry comments. the royal family offered thoughts and prayers to her family and friends. wireless carriers agreed to relay texts to 911. they signed on to provide the service by may of 2014.
10:36 pm
only a handful of call centers are able to receive texts. if there has been progress towards avoiding the so-called fiscal cliff it is going on behind the scenes. speaker of the house john boehner is waiting to hear a counter offer from president obama since the republican plan was delivered on monday. >> reports indicate the president adopted a strategy to slow walk our economy to the edge othe fiscal cliff. -- edge of the fiscal cliff. >> vice president joe biden said a deal could be done in 15 minutes. he made the comments during a lunch with people the white house described as middle class. >> couple hundred bay area senior citizens made noise
10:37 pm
today about the fiscal cliff. [ music playing ] >> they held a flash mob in front of the federal building in downtown san francisco. they are rallying for social security, medicare and medicare. they support the president's plan. another winner. what we know about the latest person to claim a huge power ball jackpot. >> the weather is looking nice. the warmest day of the weekend and when shower chances return in the five-day forecast. >> parents complain their daughters are being bullied. we will tell you what is happening at a middle school. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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parents of two students are complaining the school isn't doing enough to protect the children from bullying at cooper elementary school. one parent said her daughter is being tormented. her daughter wrote a suicide note. the mother accused the school of not addressing the problem. >> stop punishing the victim. it is a struggle to get her out of bed to go. >> school says they have a program in place to deal with bullies. nielsen released new numbers on social media numbers
10:41 pm
and the largest growth is in mobile devices. it jumped 82%. more than 95 million people browse the web on their mobile devices. pinterest saw the most use. mobile web, mobile app and desktop. in news of the world, we begin over seize. in egypt. tens of thousands of people rallied outside the palest that is protect -- palace that is protected. the president postponed voting and aids suggested he may cancel the referendum. in japan a7.3 earthquake hit. it generated small waves. it was centered in the same area off shore as the earthquake in march. there are reports of injuries
10:42 pm
and some damage. the early warning system worked and an alert went out 6 minutes before the quake. and in mexico, a secret that led to the u.s. mexicans army discovered a drug tunnel. 8 people were arrested and a small amount of marijuana was confiscated. the owner of a dinosaur leg is hoping it brings thousands at a auction tonight. 65million-year-old fallsis estimated to be -- falls is estimated at $60,000. >> i think it would be like the dinosaur's thump to have it in your house. imagine? 25% of the proceeds will go to the healthcare connection that
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offers free medical care to the homeless. the second winner of the power ball lottery claimed his prize. this surveillance video shows a man at a gas station in maryland claiming to have the winner ticket. he claimed the lump sum amount, $192 million. tore a big hole and the ship began -- >> a witness to history. we sit down with two survivors of pearl pearl harbor. >> and mark tamayo is tracking the forecast. >> you can get ktvu channel 2 news news to go, download the ktvu app and watch all of our
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the beacon is lit up tonight to commemorate pearl harbor day. it was 71 years ago today. every year supporters come together to remember. the ceremony wasn't the only way the bay area remembered pearl hobber. ktvu's john sasaki talked with two survivors. >> reporter: it was an early day. they hosted their ceremony and marked the moment when japan attacked. the memories are still fresh for the men who were there.
10:47 pm
>> i felt six torpedoes. tore a big hole. >> reporter: he was in the coast guard that day and saw the planes. >> one flu right over me, 200 feet above me. i could count the rivets on the plane. >> reporter: 71 years alater he feels guilty he gets honored for surviving. >> when all these other guys are getting killed and wounded and here i am, happy go lucky, nothing happened to me. >> reporter: he hopes it will prompt people to strive better for more than war. >> everybody loses and you are losing the youth of your country. >> reporter: the light here had been in use for navigation till the day after pearl harbor.
10:48 pm
now it is turned on once a year to honor those who were lost. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. a panel of pain specialists recommended against approving a stronger version of a powerful pain killer. the food and drug administration asked a new form of hydrocodone is needed. a company wanted to market the new, stronger drug. the fda is expected to make a decision by march 1. drug manufacturers filed suite today over a drug take- back ordinance. they are the first in the nation to do this. drug makers argue it gives them possibilities and doesn't do much to deal with the huge amounts of left over drugs. >> president obama is asking for $60 billions for recovery effort for superstorm sandy. the president made the request
10:49 pm
today. in a statement the governors said the money would help them rebuild and help protect them from future storms. highway 1 is going to be closed for another week. it was closed on wednesday after a section was damaged during the storms. the road will remain closed while crews work on long term repairs. they hope to have it reopened next friday. detours are in place. you are umbrellas get a break this weekend. no rainfall over the next few days. looks good for saturday and sunday. right now the maps, few high clouds moving into the bay area. also cold temperatures. look that current numbers. san jose right now 50 degrees. look at these upper 30s to lower 40s in the north bay and
10:50 pm
inland valleys. natcha 39 -- napa 39. and with temperatures matching the dew points, reports of fog. visibility half mile last check. could be going down in the next few hours. headlines for tonight, fair skies. chilly out there. this weekend, dry and temperatures mild on sunday. the extended, cooling trend and showers across parts of the region. this was the sunset today, beautiful towards the bay. few high clouds. high pressure strengthens off shore. break down your weekend, saturday, after a cold morning, fair skies and sunday as the winds develop we will have a breeze out there, especially sunday morning, 25-30 miles per hour. breezy sunday morning.
10:51 pm
sunday also the warmest day. mid-60s. here is our forecast model. 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, most of the significant clouds to the east. as i showed you, patches inland, north bay, delta and inland valleys. few high clouds out there as well. into the afternoon, partly cloudy skies. looking good for your saturday afternoon. temperatures for tomorrow, not much of a change from today. that means the warmest locations in the lower 60s. coolest locations in the upper 50s. fairfield, brentwood. reversal, cooler spots inland. san jose 63. here is a look ahead, five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, the weekend just about here. sunday the warmest day. monday looking nice as well. tuesday partly cloudy skies. there we go.
10:52 pm
wednesday, a few changes. a major drop off in temperatures and a chance of showers wednesday morning. rosemary orozco will have the forecast update tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. >> thank you. there is word a gray wolf has moved to lower ground. the wolf followed deer down to lower elevations after the storms. its gps caller tracked him to the woods east of red bluff. it migrated to california to find a mate. the warriors on a winning streak. sports is next. [ male announcer ] december is customer appreciation month at subway restaurants. saying thanks is a great deal because we're offering $2 six inch subs -- the cold cut combo or meatball marinara. $2 each, all december long.
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appreciation tastes amazing! hurry in for your $2 sub. subway. eat fresh.
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joe fonzi is here to tell us how the warriorsroid trip is going -- warriors road trip is going. >> so far it is hard to imagine things going better. coach making a return to his brooklyn roots. warriors trailed the nets by 8 at the half. curry 5-9 from beyond the arc. going for 28 points. david lee was there for the
10:56 pm
follow. he had 30 points and 15 rebounds. golden state warriors played their best in the second half and they win 109-102. 9th win in the last 12 games. >> according to reports, brandon mccarthy last year's opening day pitcher for the a's agreed to a two year contract with the arizona diamondbacks. he was hampered by injuries last year. he was hit in the het by a line drive in september. he was cleared to resume his regular off season routine. no answers in sight as the raiders season is down to its final three games. the quarterback taking the heat for last night's loss to denver. oakland's sixth loss in a row.
10:57 pm
palmer lost a fumble. that led to a touchdown run. the broncos in front by 16. oakland falls to 3-10. everybody is in the firing line, especially the quarterback. >> he made a couple mistakes the last couple weeks but yet he is one of the reasons why, you know, specifically earlier in the year why we had a chance in certain games. i am not down on carson at all. we want to see some younger guys play. >> wasn't a good night for bay area schools playing tonight for the right to respect california in the state championship games. three more games will be played tomorrow. tomorrow night for the 4th
10:58 pm
time, manny pacquiao and juan manuel marquez will meet. mohammed morsi is 39 years old. manny pacquiao 34. manny pacquiao won two by narrow decisions. and cal's women's basketball team a winner tonight, 84-46. a blow out. >> thank you. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you next time the news break. >> we are always here for you on and mobile ktvu. city hall lit up in red and green. have a great night.
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